About me

I am glad that you have visited the Uskrzydleni website.

This is a place that had been developing in my mind for several years before it saw the light of day. Many years ago, after a series of various life events, I decided to fight for myself, my needs and my dreams and I entered the path of personal development step by step. Being very fascinated and preoccupied with the process of changes, I started working on myself. This is very important because only when we look “deep into ourselves”, into our inner life, we are able to learn the most and then support and accompany others in their development.

I noticed that my life can look differently and that my belief about myself and the world, as well as my habits – including hidden ones, my patterns of behaviour and reactions can change. And, speaking precisely, I can change them! Fortunately, our brain is flexible and opens a lot of opportunities for these changes. Apart from many training courses and workshops I took part in,
I also worked a lot myself and that is why I managed to change the quality of my life.

I work and specialise mainly in life coaching. I have actual and practical experience-based knowledge of how to effectively support the others in the process of changes. With great involvement, systematic work and a lot of curiosity, we are able to learn and understand plenty of things and then gradually implement such things in our life. Now I know that what we think about ourselves today will not stay with us forever.

I like the moment when I can feel proactivity, when I can decide on myself on my own and, most importantly, according to my conscience. This is a beautiful feeling I take care of, and I know that it will stay with me for a long time.

Privately, I am a wife of Ben and a mum of Maja. They are my inspiration and motivation, although there are many moments when I need to refill my batteries, rest and just lie on the sofa 🙂

I graduated from the postgraduate course in Business Psychology at the Łazarski University, Erickson College International in Vancouver “The Art and Science of Coaching” at Wszechnica Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation), Coaching Fundaments Certificate® (CFC®) at Noble Manhattan Coaching, the largest and oldest coaching school in Europe.

I improved my coaching skills by taking part, among others, in workshops: “The Daring WayTM – Z wielką odwagą” based on Dr Brené Brown’s methodology;
“The coaching game – Odkryj możliwości”, Points of You;
Rational Behaviour Therapy: cognitive and behavioural self-help therapy, Maxie C. Maultsby; Work with fear and achievement of all goals;
“Zaprzyjaźnij się ze swoim wewnętrznym krytykiem”, working on self-esteem;
Coaching Workshops with Supervision.

I would like to invite you to cooperation.
See you!
Karolina Nowak